Arksego Nigeria Limited: Security Assessments

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a security services company founded in 1980. With regional offices throughout the country, and its main office in Lagos, the company strives to be the security company of choice for individuals, and for businesses operating in Nigeria.

The company’s clients include those in telecommunications, banking, and in the oil and gas industry. Oil is big business in Nigeria: it is the largest oil producer in Africa and one of the world’s leading exporters. But the oil production there is hampered by political instability and disruptions in the supply chain, making the services of Arksego Nigeria Limited of great importance to its clients.

Arksego Nigeria Limited operates throughout Nigeria and its core business is providing security risk threat assessments and solutions to its clients. The country’s oil and natural gas industries are located primarily in the Niger Delta, in the southern portion of the country, and it has been a source of conflict. Local groups who want a share of the wealth provided by the oil industry sometimes attack the oil infrastructure on the delta, disrupting business. And there is often damage done to pipelines that leads to oil theft and loss of production, and in some cases forcing companies to suspend their production.

Arksego Nigeria Limited provides its clients in the oil and gas industry with a practical understanding and planning in the areas that they are most at risk. The company has always operated in high risk and volatile areas so that their clients may continue to do business, and minimize any risk to its people and assets.


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