Arksego Nigeria Limited: Fighting Oil Theft

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a provider of security services to individuals and companies in Nigeria. They have been in business now for more than thirty-five years, and have grown to become the preferred security company for knowledgeable foreign companies operating there.

Their clients include those from the oil and gas industries. Nigeria is one of the world’s major oil producers and suppliers but the country has been torn by unrest for many years, as minority ethnic groups clash with the oil companies they say are exploiting them. It has reached the point where some companies are choosing to sell their assets there and pull out, making the security services of Arksego Nigeria Limited more important and valuable than ever.

Arksego Nigeria Limited operates throughout Nigeria, including its most high-risk areas. In the Niger Delta, where much of the oil industry is centered, oil theft has become a billion dollar problem. Criminal gangs steal as much as a quarter million barrels of crude per day, according to published reports. The thieves are able to tap into Delta pipelines and pump crude oil directly into waiting boats and barges. In some cases, the most enterprising thieves are able to refine the crude themselves and sell it to buyers around the world.

It is a serious problem and a dangerous one. The kidnapping of expatriates is a common problem and muggings and theft are widespread. Arksego Nigeria Limited has a cadre of trained security personnel who are committed to the security company’s mission and core values of providing security solutions and services, with unreserved protection of lives, properties and reputations.


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