Arksego Nigeria Limited: Extensive Training

Arksego Nigeria Limited provides a wide range of security services to its clients, and in the more than thirty-five years the company has been doing business has developed a reputation as one of the country’s leading personal security firms.

The company specializes is manned guard services and security risk management, and begins no serious security campaign without a close risk threat analysis that determines the scope of the issues at hand, and the best strategies to deal with it. They understand that each situation is unique, and may recommend comprehensive strategies involving numerous personnel, or provide a client with personal bodyguards and security guards for individual homes, businesses, or government agencies.

Arksego Nigeria Limited personnel all undergo extensive training at the company’s training facility in its head office in Lagos. The Arksego close protection bodyguards are of the highest caliber, and like all of its security personnel are committed to providing clients with unreserved protection of lives, properties, and reputations.

Personal security is a highly specialized field, and are focused entirely on the individual or individuals who are being protected. Arksego Nigeria Limited clients include corporate officers and executives, and other employees whose business duties take them to some of the most volatile areas in the country. They have learned to rely on the Arksego professionals who are pro-active and intelligent, and trained to prevent a threat to the client’s welfare by recognizing and stopping any potential danger before it has a chance to be realized. They are trained in conducting advance work to prepare for the client’s safe arrival, and taking effective countermeasures should a security threat materialize.


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