Arksego Nigeria Limited – Security Assessments and Security Solutions

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with four main offices and five regional offices across the country. The company also incorporates advice and recommendation from expert expatriate advisers in the security business, to provide clients the best security solutions. The company’s main clients are from the banking, oil and gas, telecommunication and various government agencies. Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa, and one among the leading exporters of oil in the world. Due to political instability and other security risks, the oil and gas industry in the country makes use of the company’s security services.

Arksego Nigeria Limited offer its clients professional security assessments that include risk assessment, assessment of existing security protocol and recommendations based on expert advice. Based on the client’s unique needs and location, the company will recommend armored vehicles, integrated Electronic Security System, access control, personal and vehicular search, and any other security service that might be necessary. The company offers a complete security service that also includes bodyguards, stun guns, pepper spray and body scanners. Where armored vehicles are necessary, the company will recommend the level of armor and on which vehicle will be best suited to protect the client from attack. For clients that are considered high-risk, Arksego Nigeria Limited will suggest a complete professional threat assessment.

The company’s trained security professional are fully equipped to provide clients the safety and security they require at their facility. With 35 years’ experience in the security business in Nigeria, the company has built up a reputation for being one of the foremost security companies in the country.


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