Nigeria’s Most Powerful Industry

The African continent has been in the international spotlight for some time as a place that is struggling economically, socially, and politically. However, while this continues to be a problem within Africa, many countries are utilizing the successful companies in their economy to jumpstart the continent. Nigeria is one of the most financially stricken countries in Africa, but has one industry that is gaining international recognition, and sending them on their way to improvement.

The security service industry is increasing rapidly in Nigeria, due in part to the risk that comes with doing business in African continents. However, this industry spans much farther than simply the continent of Africa. Many companies that offer body guarding and asset protection services in Nigeria are on the international stage as providing some of the world’s best and most elite security personnel in the world, a reputation that is very hard to accomplish.

One company has been serving clients all over the world to show off their prestige as an internationally recognized security services company. Arksego Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian-based asset protection company that has been in the industry for over 30 years. Founded in 1980, it has been reaching the spotlight as providing the world’s best asset protection services. This has helped create the strong security industry that Nigeria is using to get their economy back on track.


Putting Your Assets at Risk

Whether you are a parent of your child, or a multi-national business owner, everyone has assets that need to be protected until they have been exhausted or can protect themselves. In terms of a child, of course, when the parent must be away, it’s as simple as hiring a babysitter to adopt the duties of protecting the child’s well-being. However, when looking at the assets of a business or government, the process of offering them protection that works is a little bit more difficult.

Assets can usually hold off on their own until they have been used for their purpose, but when putting them in high-risk areas, it takes the ability to assess the environment and implement a way to keep these money-making resources from being harmed or stolen. In micro-managing assets, retail businesses simply hire one person to do the job of preventing theft and the damage of property. This still does not solve the needs of international corporations and government organizations, who need more than simple micro-management in their large-scale operations.

The answer to this comes in the form of professional security service providers. Like a team of bodyguards, these companies provide a variety of different services, including personnel, system designs, electronic components, and surveillance services that completely surround the assets. Arksego Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian Security Service Company, offers these services, and stresses the importance of having a complete security package to ensure no angle can be taken on the assets of your entity.

Arksego Nigeria Limited – Security Assessments and Security Solutions

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with four main offices and five regional offices across the country. The company also incorporates advice and recommendation from expert expatriate advisers in the security business, to provide clients the best security solutions. The company’s main clients are from the banking, oil and gas, telecommunication and various government agencies. Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa, and one among the leading exporters of oil in the world. Due to political instability and other security risks, the oil and gas industry in the country makes use of the company’s security services.

Arksego Nigeria Limited offer its clients professional security assessments that include risk assessment, assessment of existing security protocol and recommendations based on expert advice. Based on the client’s unique needs and location, the company will recommend armored vehicles, integrated Electronic Security System, access control, personal and vehicular search, and any other security service that might be necessary. The company offers a complete security service that also includes bodyguards, stun guns, pepper spray and body scanners. Where armored vehicles are necessary, the company will recommend the level of armor and on which vehicle will be best suited to protect the client from attack. For clients that are considered high-risk, Arksego Nigeria Limited will suggest a complete professional threat assessment.

The company’s trained security professional are fully equipped to provide clients the safety and security they require at their facility. With 35 years’ experience in the security business in Nigeria, the company has built up a reputation for being one of the foremost security companies in the country.

Arksego Nigeria Limited – Professional Security Company

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a professional security company with its head office based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company has four main offices and five regional offices located around the country and is one of the premier security companies in Nigeria. The company is fully owned and operated by Nigerians and offers a complete range of security solutions for individuals and businesses alike. The company’s main clients are in the banking sector, gas and oil industry, and the telecommunications sector.

Arksego Nigeria Limited has been providing security services in the country since its founding in 1980. Though the company is Nigerian owned, they use the services of foreign advisers to offer clients a truly international service, and it is particularly beneficial as the company has blue chip, multinational companies as clients. Apart from providing excellent security solutions to clients in the private sector, the company also provides invaluable security service to select government organizations.

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a leading security company that provides complete security solutions, including armored vehicles, body scanners, metal detectors, stun guns, pepper spray and other security related products. The company has four main offices and five regional offices around the country. The company’s personal bodyguards and security guards for individuals, businesses, and government agencies are well-trained and disciplined. Since its founding in 1980, the company has built up a reputation for itself as one of the premier security companies in Nigeria. The company’s goal is to provide excellent security for its clients anywhere in the country.

Arksego Nigeria Limited: Extensive Training

Arksego Nigeria Limited provides a wide range of security services to its clients, and in the more than thirty-five years the company has been doing business has developed a reputation as one of the country’s leading personal security firms.

The company specializes is manned guard services and security risk management, and begins no serious security campaign without a close risk threat analysis that determines the scope of the issues at hand, and the best strategies to deal with it. They understand that each situation is unique, and may recommend comprehensive strategies involving numerous personnel, or provide a client with personal bodyguards and security guards for individual homes, businesses, or government agencies.

Arksego Nigeria Limited personnel all undergo extensive training at the company’s training facility in its head office in Lagos. The Arksego close protection bodyguards are of the highest caliber, and like all of its security personnel are committed to providing clients with unreserved protection of lives, properties, and reputations.

Personal security is a highly specialized field, and are focused entirely on the individual or individuals who are being protected. Arksego Nigeria Limited clients include corporate officers and executives, and other employees whose business duties take them to some of the most volatile areas in the country. They have learned to rely on the Arksego professionals who are pro-active and intelligent, and trained to prevent a threat to the client’s welfare by recognizing and stopping any potential danger before it has a chance to be realized. They are trained in conducting advance work to prepare for the client’s safe arrival, and taking effective countermeasures should a security threat materialize.

Arksego Nigeria Limited: Fighting Oil Theft

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a provider of security services to individuals and companies in Nigeria. They have been in business now for more than thirty-five years, and have grown to become the preferred security company for knowledgeable foreign companies operating there.

Their clients include those from the oil and gas industries. Nigeria is one of the world’s major oil producers and suppliers but the country has been torn by unrest for many years, as minority ethnic groups clash with the oil companies they say are exploiting them. It has reached the point where some companies are choosing to sell their assets there and pull out, making the security services of Arksego Nigeria Limited more important and valuable than ever.

Arksego Nigeria Limited operates throughout Nigeria, including its most high-risk areas. In the Niger Delta, where much of the oil industry is centered, oil theft has become a billion dollar problem. Criminal gangs steal as much as a quarter million barrels of crude per day, according to published reports. The thieves are able to tap into Delta pipelines and pump crude oil directly into waiting boats and barges. In some cases, the most enterprising thieves are able to refine the crude themselves and sell it to buyers around the world.

It is a serious problem and a dangerous one. The kidnapping of expatriates is a common problem and muggings and theft are widespread. Arksego Nigeria Limited has a cadre of trained security personnel who are committed to the security company’s mission and core values of providing security solutions and services, with unreserved protection of lives, properties and reputations.

Arksego Nigeria Limited: Security Assessments

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a security services company founded in 1980. With regional offices throughout the country, and its main office in Lagos, the company strives to be the security company of choice for individuals, and for businesses operating in Nigeria.

The company’s clients include those in telecommunications, banking, and in the oil and gas industry. Oil is big business in Nigeria: it is the largest oil producer in Africa and one of the world’s leading exporters. But the oil production there is hampered by political instability and disruptions in the supply chain, making the services of Arksego Nigeria Limited of great importance to its clients.

Arksego Nigeria Limited operates throughout Nigeria and its core business is providing security risk threat assessments and solutions to its clients. The country’s oil and natural gas industries are located primarily in the Niger Delta, in the southern portion of the country, and it has been a source of conflict. Local groups who want a share of the wealth provided by the oil industry sometimes attack the oil infrastructure on the delta, disrupting business. And there is often damage done to pipelines that leads to oil theft and loss of production, and in some cases forcing companies to suspend their production.

Arksego Nigeria Limited provides its clients in the oil and gas industry with a practical understanding and planning in the areas that they are most at risk. The company has always operated in high risk and volatile areas so that their clients may continue to do business, and minimize any risk to its people and assets.